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How to order a pair of bespoke shoes or boots

To order a pair of bespoke shoes from Melker Shoes and Boots it is preferable to make an appointment. Your feet will be measured and inspected, your fit preferences discussed, and you will go through what kind of model, leather and last you want for the shoes.


To make an appointment, please contact Janne Melkersson in the Hara workshop, or the Stockholm workshop at Skomakeri Framåt. Janne also have the possibility to travel to other destinations, contact him to discuss this.


Hara workshop, Janne Melkersson
Address: Hara 280, Orrviken
Phone: +46(0)70-552 19 70


Stockholm workshop, Skomakeri Framåt
Address: SvenVintappares gränd 2A, Stockholm
Phone: +46(0)8-411 37 32


On standard orders there is no test shoes made, but changes to the fit can be made on the final shoes. For especially difficult feet, there is the possibility to do a test shoe first.


There is also the possibility to do a self-measurement and order shoes over distance. Please contact Janne Melkersson for further information.


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